Shortly after attaining her dream of working for the IRS, Carlotta realized that the IRS isn’t actually in place to help small businesses like she’d thought and it felt like she was working for the wrong side. As an auditor, she saw tons of tax returns with sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars of missed deductions that were detrimental for the taxpayer. Carlotta then started a ministry at night working 1-1 with business owners to educate them and help them pay the least tax legally possible. Thus, realizing that Carlotta could help more people as a business, what began as a ministry has evolved into Tax Strategists of America!

When Carlotta was 14, she remembers becoming enthralled with a booklet on preparing taxes and began passioinately studying tax law.

At 18, Carlotta went to work for a big box tax preparation business and during this experience, Carlotta realized that returns can be prepared in multiple ways and while technically correct, they can be more beneficial to the IRS than the taxpayer, resulting in the taxpayer overpaying on their taxes.
You see, accountants are not always focused on legally maximizing the client's tax savings but rather compliance and churning as many returns out as possible. Carlotta then decided that she wanted to work for the IRS to educate accountants and business owners. 

Who is Carlotta Thompson? 

Who is
Carlotta Thompson?

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